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Hello gals I'm new to LJ I went shopping and bought new products.  This e.l.f. eyeshadow brush was only $1 and it's not cheaply made the bristles are pretty soft :) I bought other products and a straightener to try out Iv'e heard great reviews on the Remington Pearl Straightener so I'm going to try it :) go to my blog and add me I'll be blogging about makeup and products

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ELF @ Target

In case anyone else is interested, I noticed Elf's special 'back to school' sets at Target today :-) they're practically the same as the sets that came out last year (beauty books and brushes, etc) but there was a set of 3 eyeshadow primers that looked interesting (nude, white, bronze). I bought the 6 color "Smokey EyeShadow Palette" and the color payoff is great, I'm going back and buying more tomorrow!
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